Flood-Free Features
  • Transparent bag for easy viewing
  • Safety Reflectors for Night Visibility
  • Easy Tie-down Strap with Hooks
5 Easy Steps to a FLOOD-FREE Car
Step 1 - Unzip

Spread the carbag flat on the ground. Undo the zippers.

Step 2 - Park

Now, drive the car at the center of the bag, either front or rear first.

Step 3 - Zip Up

Once the car is parked squarely in the middle, close the zippers.

Step 4 - lock

Roll the front end of the bag. Bring both edges together. Fasten the hooks then place on top of the car trunk so that no water will seep in.

Step 5 - Anchor

Secure the two harnesses around the car. Affix it to a very steady and sturdy structure, such as a foundation post.

Be Informed!

  • Before using, scan your area for possible anchoring structures [eg. columns, posts, trees, etc.].
  • Make sure the ground is free from any sharp objects that may puncture the carbag.